Sunday, January 23, 2011

Response from Richmond High Senior

After reading the responses from previous Ivy League members, I have
learned that it will take time to really adjust to living on your
own—especially if you are far away. The biggest lesson I have been
able to grasp is that I need to study a lot and continue doing my best
in high school. It only gets harder as the years go by. Finals and
Midterms sound stressful, but I have seen they all have managed to do
well, which really encourages me. I will definitely follow their
advice to get a tutor and spend a lot of time studying at the library
before a test.

All the students seem to be really enthusiastic about the material
they are being taught. I really loved Yohanna D. Pepa’s enthusiasm in
her DS class. I hope to share the same joy when I am in college. They
all have made me really anxious and excited about going to college;
they have provided me with excellent advice! I really appreciate that
they took time to write to us about their experience. Thank you for
the good reads Mr. Ramsey and I apologize for my late response.
-Lucero Perez

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