Sunday, January 23, 2011

From a Hercules High School Senior

I am surprised at what all these ILC alums have to say about their college experience. All these fellow students that have come from places not to far from myself and are all performing above and beyond my perception that would have been me a year ago, before entering the program. I enjoy reading these, and find myself reading them over and over again. I mean, I personally knew Stephanie Ny and just reading her perspective of coming from a high school like ours to a top notch college reminds me that it may seem like fun and games to get to go there, it is still school and college is a place to work hard. After reading all of these responses, I can tell that some are enjoying the transition, others are having the time of their lives, and some have taken this challenge and embraced it. All of these Alums have been nothing short of an inspiration for me and that right now I need to keep my self straight and get into good habits that will come in handy for the future. I used to just ignore this from my parents that "study study," but recently this year has been especially hard and that if there ever is a time to pick up these habits, now is the time. I am endlessly grateful for forwarding these to not only myself, but to other ILC members and I hope you have a terrific Holiday season and my prayers go out to our Brown brunch speaker and his family.

Andrew Gabriel
Hercules High School

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