Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hercules Student Succeeds at Cal

Thanks for your patience. I recently just completed an externship with KCBS, the #1 Bay Area news radio station. I had an incredible opportunity to shadow the director for a few days and learned firsthand the inner workings of a well-established and well-respected broadcasting newsroom. From live on-air reporting to following reporters performing their expertise as they report and interview on the scene, I had an amazing opportunity to be surrounded in a positive environment with such great energy. All the staff were surprisingly stunned when they discovered that I was only a freshman, but this only reassured me that I was in good hands--learning from the people who are experts at their crafts. This externship left me with indelible memories, and I am incredibly glad that I sought other extracurricular opportunities instead of just limiting myself to resources in University of California, Berkeley.

Though I first found out about this opportunity through the career center, it is solely up to each student to seek these resources and to follow through with the application process. One of the virtues of being a college student is the large number of opportunities available that can better help you find your career path and narrow your options. Before taking on this externship, I had such a strong focus on print journalism. However, I am considering to tap into the broadcasting realm now.

On a different note, my second semester is about to start in about a week or so. I personally found that my high school did a pretty adequate job of preparing me for college-level material. Some of the courses I took back in high school were of course more rigorous than others. Like the saying goes, there is always room for improvement. In my first semester especially, I had a few writing courses. You soon will realize that it is of your benefit to go to office hours and to discuss your essay and the direction you plan to go off from with either the professor or the reader/TA, depending on who will grade your work. Aside from presenting material that is in line with either the professor or reader's vision, you extend your learning twofold because questions will arise that prompt you to reflect and look at the material closer, but most importantly, they challenge you and are great conversation starters.

I've noticed that other students focused more on study habits and such. I hope I have provided a bit of diversity into my reflection piece. I would be more than happy to answer any questions from Cal prospectives.

Thank you for your time and Happy New Year.


Stacy Chan

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