Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stephanie Ny - Hercules High School

I am stunned by the looming opposition against the Ivy League Connection. As a newcomer to the ILC, I feel it has already made an impact on my life—and I have yet to travel to the East Coast! I hope my testimony will eliminate any doubts students may have about the program.

Like many typical Californian students, I initially felt no desire to travel out of my home state for college. Like many typical Californian students, I wanted to attend a UC. However, my acceptance into the ILC etched a new view on my future into my mind. I realized that I do have the potential to attend prestigious schools in the East Coast. I can achieve what these students find impossible.

I believe students are skeptical about the East Coast because of their insecurity—they question their ability to live away from the emotional support of their loved ones. What doubters of the program have been unable to realize is that the ILC completely exterminates this insecurity and extends the boundaries of college-bound scholars by providing them with an opportunity of new friendships, new colleges, and, most importantly, self-discovery. Although I have yet to attend my program on the East Coast, I am already opening myself up to colleges and universities outside of my state—something I would not have done half a year ago.

Some may say the Ivy League Connection is only beneficial to a select few; that the opportunities awaiting selected scholars are unavailable to the majority of students. I find this to be the furthest thing from the truth. While the ILC was established to provide rising scholars with educational instruction, it was designed to have those students bring something back their community; and, I must add, those students definitely accomplished this task. At Hercules High School, the alumni of these programs told their stories and proudly advocated the ILC. With more publicity, I believe that students will realize what the ILC has actually done—and will continue to do—to change the lives of many, and that the Ivy League Connection will receive the recognition it truly deserves.

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