Monday, March 30, 2009

Adriana Ramirez - Richmond High School

I hope this and the testimonials of all the other students will help those who do not know much about the ILC's accomplishments within the community see that the ILC is neccesary.

I was a junior when I was offered a chance to be part of the ILC, as I was told about the summer program at Brown and decided I wanted to give it a chance. I had been part of other summer programs that took place in UCLA, UC Berkeley and even CCC. The ILC is way different than other programs. The ILC does not only take students to programs in prestigious schools but
teaches students confidence, confidence within one's self. As an ILC student I expanded my horizons, I left my comfort zone and challenged myself beyond what I thought I could. The experience was eye-opening! I learned that nothing can stop me, that even if I am from little old Richmond I am capable to stand and compete with those who have been exposed to Ivy League schools all their lives.

The main difference between the ILC and the other programs I have been part of is that the ILC is not a one time thing. After the summer program through the ILC I was given lots of help with SAT classes where Mr. Ramsey himself took time off to take me to my classes. This was a great help! I was also given help with my college application process with a professional, and my
parents and I are very thankful for that. But it did not end just there, I was also taken to college fairs where not just ILC students were taken but also other students who were not part of the ILC. Thus, this program DOES help other students. About a month ago I was also given the chance to visit NYU and Vassar with my mother, this did not only help me and my mother but
my school as well. I was able to show these schools that our district IS interested in them, and that they should pay more attention to us. When I came back I told all my friends about my experience and my newly gained knowledge from these schools, and again I informed other students of the opportunities that are outside of our "Richmond" bubble.

This program is essential to push the WCCCUSD onto the radar of the Ivy League schools as well as other private schools. Many students are seeing how important a college education is becoming and the ILC has been part of this new change. I truly believe that everyone who makes the ILC run as smooth as it does is an inspiration.

There is no reason to doubt what the ILC has done. There is so much that the ILC has done for me and other students and everyone's hard work is undermined when it is said that the ILC does not create a change. Even my little sister who is just in seventh grade is being inspired and pushing herself to get straight A's to be a future ILC participant.

I want to thank everyone who makes the ILC possible, without your help I would have not learned about my own strenghts.

Sincerity and Peace,

Adriana Ramirez

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