Monday, March 30, 2009

From Mercedes Montelongo - Richmond High

It is astonishing to believe that people really think the Ivy League Connection has no impact whatsoever on students and our families. If it were not for this wonderful program, I would never have gotten to visit top universities on the east coast and not to mention get to spend part of my summer studying there. I would never have even considered applying to a school outside of California. A year ago I would have pushed these East Coast schools to the curb, but after my trip last summer to Brown where I stepped out of my suffocating bubble, I now am definitely applying to other schools besides the UC's and CSU's.

This program, which Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg started, is an excellent opportunity for students to do as I did and step out of their comfort zone and look at what is out there waiting to be taken advantage of. I am grateful for this program and would be greatly affected if I found out that it would not be kept for my fellow underclassmen.


Mercedes Montelongo

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