Monday, March 30, 2009

Jared Jawad -- El Cerrito High School

When I first heard about the Ivy League Connection I was apprehensive. But after looking through the course list that would be offered at Cornell Summer College, I became intrigued by the school, and the atmosphere.

It is impossible to fully explain what two summers across the country does to a personality, but I will say this: it gave me the confidence to apply to an Ivy League school when I didn't even apply to any UCs. It also gave me the insight to look at other schools back east when I had never heard of schools outside of California before that time.

To those people who question the need for a program such as this one, you only need to look at the records of where students applied, and you will see that there is a stark contrast in the amount of students that apply out of state before this graduating class, and the amount that applied out of state this year.

The Ivy League Connection is an eye opener for any student who participates. It shows them that truly anything is possible for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Before I traveled back east I never even slightly considered Cornell, or any other Ivy League for that matter, simply because I did not think I could afford it. But, in my time at the school , I was able to research the financial aid for the Ivy League, and came to the realization that I could do it, that I could afford to go to the top schools in our country.

We, the students of the ILC, have been given a chance, and we are spreading the word about the extraordinary chance that we have been given. The community is always pleasantly surprised, and in support of such a program.

If you need to ask if this is necessary, you only need to ask the people who voted you into office, and they will defend the Ivy League Connection with the students. They will deffend their students' right to learn and grow every time, and so will I, Jared Jawad.

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