Monday, March 30, 2009

From a Richmond High School Student Meuy Saephan

I am extremely astonished that people actually doubt the success of the Ivy League Connection. Personally, I really love what the ILC have done for me. I have never thought about applying to any other colleges outside of UC system until I was able to experience first hand the campus life at Brown University. I even walked on Harvard’s campus! This is something I never thought possible! However, I was proven wrong once I was informed about this wonderful program that has instilled in me a whole new perspective on college and my future.

Truthfully, I was first informed about the summer program at Brown through an e-mail. However, I did not even give it a chance due to financial issues. A few days later, I was pulled out of class and was offered an opportunity to go to Brown University, all expenses paid. I could not believe what I was hearing. Are there really generous people who are funding this program to get me and other students in the WCCUSD to experience life in the Ivy League? Yes. Of course, I was not going to turn down such and offer and I can happily agree that it was one of the best experiences in my life.

Before I was exposed to life in the Ivy League, I only thought about applying in the UC system. As for other students, the main reason for this theory is that we are not exposed to other schools. We do not have the resources nor the money to explore other college options so we choose to stay close to home and attend the schools we do know about. However, after my experience at Brown, and attending multiple workshops through the ILC program, I am now thinking of applying to various colleges in the East Coast.

Although the ILC is mainly beneficial to a select group of students, I believe that with more funding and publicity, it will continue to prosper and expand its horizon of students. What this program needs is support; not put downs from people. I truly hope that the ILC will continue to do what it is doing now, assisting students as they gradually approach the college life.

- Meuy Saephan
Richmond High Student

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