Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wendy Espinoza

I completed my second year at St. Mary's University of San Antonio Texas and I must say this year was more difficult than the last. I took 15 credit hours per semester , continued to work study, was involved in The National Society of Leadership & Success club, and the only new activity of the school year was joining a sorority, I took on more than I was able to successfully manage and my grades weren't as high as usual. I was less than pleased by this so I have decided to leave the sorority.

While being in the sorority had benefits such as networking, marketing skills and a family, those benefits do not outweigh the negative aspects. To start off I still have not and don't believe I'll ever be interested into the party/drinking atmosphere promoted by college life. Being in Greek life encourages that lifestyle despite its strict rules not making it known to the public. I didn't connect well enough with the women of the sorority to form a family bond. Did I mention it cost $600? Yes well, Greek life is expensive. I decided that there is a better way to spend my time . I joined because I wanted to do something in college that wasn't meant to improve my future, just for pure joy. High grades, internships, and honors are all great but wanted more out of college life. I got what I asked for and am ready to give it back.

A great tip for any college student is to go to sleep early! I continue to go sleep around 10-11pm. It's no use pulling an all nighters if A. you are going to mess around online and not study anyway. B. If you can't remember what you studied when you wake up .Eat healthy inexpensively by drinking free water, not buying fatty snacks and not eating past 6pm.

Wendy Espinoza
St. Mary's University
Class of 2013

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