Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guadalupe Morales

Mr. Ramsey, Elizabeth Gonzalez and all others included in this email,

First off, I would thank Mr. Ramsey for always sending us these testimonials from other students. I would also thank the students themselves who send us their stories to read; they are always insightful and genuine. They are valuable readings that motivate me to stay strong in my future endeavors in college. So thank you so much.

Though all of the testimonials that I've heard have been moving and inspiring, to me, Elizabeth's story is the one that I connect the most with. Perhaps it is because her background is, in ways, similar to mine, or maybe it is because she had many of the doubts that I had or currently have. But regardless of what it is, I would to say that I respect Elizabeth so much for sharing her story and her feelings towards college with us. I admire her efforts and I find them inspiring. Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing your Brown experience. Your words are priceless to me and they motivate to me to use all of my resources and connections I have in college.

I've enjoyed reading all of the testimonials and luckily, there will be more to come. Again, thank you to everyone who has given me opportunities to be where I am today. It is priceless indeed.

Best regards,

Guadalupe Morales

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