Monday, July 11, 2011

Stephanie Chan Speaks


It's almost unbelievable to trace the progess I have made within the past year and every moment of it has been rewarding and memorable. This past week, I attended the first session of UC Davis' orientation for the College of Letters and Science. It was a three day, two night program that highlighted graduation requirements, financial aid, campus safety, and most importantly, choosing classes for Fall quarter. My tentative schedule includes an English, Statistics, Sociology, and Plant Sciences.

Davis offers an atmosphere similar to Brown with their college-town vibe, modern structures, hot weather in the summer, and a challenging but friendly environment. I was both nervous and anxious to meet students, advisors and staff that I will be spending the next four years with together. For most students, it was probably their first time sleeping in a dorm with another 'stranger.' However, that was not the case for me luckily, and I didn't have any difficulties adapting to meeting a new roommate, making agreements, and even community-style bathrooms. It is refreshing to know how college runs and feel comfortable in a completely new situation. My trip to Brown definitely helped me become an independent student and college-ready.

As an undeclared major in the College of Letters and Science, I have the flexibility to explore different areas of study that interests me, however, it can get extremely confusing simply because I don't have a guideline as to what courses I should/need to take. Although I am leaning towards Managerial Economics, I want to stay open-minded to lay my hands on various areas of study. Orientation definitely drilled into my mind how I must take advantage of my resources and seek help from the appropriate individual- dean, advisor, faculty, etc. Once again, life depends on connections and the bigger your network, the bigger your chances to succeed in the future so don't be afraid to start a conversation with your peers and adults!

Until then,
Stephanie Chan

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