Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jose Canchola

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jose Canchola and I am currently attending UC Merced. I am about to be a junior with a double major on Political Science and Psychology and a minor on Spanish.

Even though UC Merced is the newest campus, there are so many organizations and that you can join. There's from invisible children to a trading card game club. There's more than 100 organizations in my school, you just have to look for them. I myself am the President of Raza Unida an Interest group and soon to be a fraternity called Gamma Zeta Alpha.

Merced currently offers two varsity sports which are basketball and cross country. I am currently in the soccer team that is getting competitive every year and soon to be 3rd division.

Another thing about Merced is that the benefit of coming to this school is that there is SO much financial aid they give that you don't have to take out loans your first two years. There is even scholarships for students that are undocumented.

Classes are great because you get to work with them individually in some classes. They really care that you do good in class and don't fail.

If you're the type of student that would like to be in a small campus then Merced can be your school. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and stay safe!

Jose Canchola

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