Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jessica Tran - Penn Presentation Feedback

Hello Mr. Ramsey,

I must say that the PENN presentation was very beneficial to me. It really helped me clarify some of the questions I had in terms of the different colleges to what is required on the essay. Also, I will admit that I was slightly nervous in meeting with the actual admissions officer, but after getting to meet Joel Hart in person it truly helped me to relax more. Being in a smaller session and getting to talk one on one with Mr. Hart gave me the chance to ask the kinds of questions that I would not have found online. Also, one key feature that I learned directly from Mr. Hart was the fact that the essay is most likely the bigger factor of the application process. Hearing this advice really tells me what I need to focus on, and I know that it will then push me to to work harder in getting everything organized and completed.

Being able to visit PENN during the summer was VERY impacting to me. When I saw the video from the presentation, I smiled and thought to myself, "I have seen that and been right there." I also realized how much I miss being there. It was like replying my own experiences in my head, and it was great. I know that this session has re-motivated me and it gets me excited to work on the applications!

Thank you for the opportunity and thank you Ms. Pepa for the ride there!

-Jessica Tran

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