Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stephanie Ny

Hello ILC students!

I have written to you all in the past, but for those who do not know me, my name is Stephanie Ny. I’m currently a sophomore at Northwestern University. My college experience hasn’t changed much since I last wrote, other than the fact that I am now balancing a work-study job with school.

After several job rejections and already-taken work-study positions last year, I finally received a work-study job at the school library in September. Since I spent most of my freshman year in the library focusing solely on my grades, I had the opportunity to manage my time more effectively. This definitely came in handy when I was hired at the library, as I was easily able to create a study schedule around my work schedule. The tip I have for all of you, which has already been mentioned by other students and which I learned over time, is this: do not overwhelm yourself. Don’t expect to join a sorority/fraternity, receive impeccable grades, get a job, and participate in countless extracurricular activities all at once. While all of you are perfectly capable of achieving all of these, you should ease into them, one at a time. It’s definitely the healthier path towards an amazing college experience.

Aside from now being employed, there isn’t much else that has been going on in college. I’m still fulfilling all of my distribution requirements and still have not decided on a major, although I have very, very, very few possible majors in mind. I have two more quarters before I have to decide, so hopefully I’ll be able to narrow it down by then.

Also, as many have already said, congratulations on the Golden Bell Award! I’m quite pleased and unsurprised that the Ivy League Connection won this, given the countless opportunities it has provided and continues to provide to alumni and high school students. I’m beyond grateful for how much this organization has changed my life, and I hope it continues to change the lives of others.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy the rest of the year!

Stephanie Ny

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