Thursday, December 22, 2011

Julia Maniquiz

I just completed the first semester of my sophomore year at UC Berkeley. The previous e-mails I have written in regards to my college education still accurately reflect my current experience. Attending college is definitely an entirely different experience than high school; it is far more challenging, requires a much greater deal of effort and time, and is a much richer experience. The only thing that has changed between this year and last is that I am now balancing school with a job.

Over the summer, I was offered an internship at the Bar Association of San Francisco. As a pre-law student, I jumped at the opportunity. I was very fortunate, because my summertime internship was able to transition into a part-time job throughout the year. I think it is very important to give yourself time to adjust to the college environment. Do not be too hasty during your first year and try to do everything at once. You need to give yourself the opportunity to get used to all the new that comes with college.

After completing my first year at Cal, I felt as though I was ready and comfortable to take on more, aside from on-campus extracurriculars, which is why I pursued this internship and accepted the job offer. As you progress in your college career, naturally, your education becomes much more focused as you begin taking classes for your major. I am actually in the process of declaring a major and minor (or possibly a double major). For me, this semester was definitely more challenging than any previous semesters, but I believe that is a result of having completed all my breadth requirements and moving onto major requirements. College definitely gets more difficult as you progress, but you also get more and more comfortable with the environment, so it kind of balances out.

Although things are getting harder at Cal, I'm definitely enjoying myself way more now that I'm taking classes directed towards my major and my specific interests. College is a great time to explore and try and different things, as well as to find what it is you are truly passionate about. I wish you all the best of luck in your education and in your futures.



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