Friday, December 23, 2011

Megan Robb

Congratulations on the Golden Bell Award. My first semester of college was amazing. I loved all of my classes and my professors were amazing. I learned so much in so little time. It took me a week or two to adjust academically, but I adjusted quickly. I learned that college takes a lot more studying than high school and that there is no such thing as a day off. Despite a minor bump at the very beginning, I have had a great semester.

Living away from home has had its good and bad points. I have become more independent and have grown as a person because I was on my own. I did not miss home except for the fall break and Thanksgiving break.

Student life at Denison was quite different than what I am used to. I was surrounded by students with different political opinions, religious beliefs, and academic backgrounds. Everyone was very willing to share their thoughts about politics and religion, which is traditionally not talked about. It was interesting to hear people’s thoughts on a variety of issues. Although Denison is very different from home, I feel as though the differences have allowed me to grow as a person and I am grateful for that.

If it were not for the Ivy League Connection I would have never thought of going out of state for college. Thank you again for this and I am very happy that the California School Board Association has recognized the importance of this program.


Megan Robb

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