Sunday, August 5, 2012

Adriana Ramirez

To the ILC students who may not know me,
My name is Adriana Ramirez, and I participated in the Ivy League Connection my Junior-Senior year, I attended the Brown program summer of 2008. I am now going to be a senior at UCLA and I have a full schedule for my senior year. The Ivy League Connection has opened many opportunities within my college career,not only did it prepare me by experiencing the college life at Brown but it also allowed me to come out of my shell. The experience at Brown was one of the things that encouraged me to do travel study in Puerto Rico this past month of July.

My career at UCLA so far has been very successful next year I will have an internship with JusticeCorps a branch of AmeriCorps, I am working at Payment Solutions & Compliance (Cashier's office) where I am a cashier, and I process scholarships and EFM checks, I will be finishing my psychology degree by the end of next quarter and doubling with Political Science. I'm really excited to start the new year although it will be very busy with a job, internship and 3 classes. Regardless of how full my plate may be I know that it will be worth it, UCLA is preparing me for the "grown up" life and I'm ready for it.

For incoming freshman, everything in college may seem overwhelming, but take a second to breath, and you'll realize that nothing is impossible. Take advantages of the many opportunities your school has to offer, mentorships, fellowships, scholarships, internships and work study because sometimes these are the things that prepare you for the work force and make you look good to those looking to hire you once you graduate. Grades aren't everything, what matters the most is how well rounded you are, so if your grades aren't the same as when in high school, make sure to make it up with other things that define you.

Adriana Ramirez

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