Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rebecca Phuong

Hi Mr. Ramsey, When I first arrived at Cal, I quickly found myself lost and feeling unprepared. Luckily, going to El Cerrito did help prepare me for the rigor of Cal's semester system. During orientation, I was coaxed into signing up for a class called Cal Leads (Education 98). This class met once a week and we were assigned weekly projects that had us learn about Cal and then come back and report on what we learned. Through this class, I found ways to network and to utilize my resources. Other courses like NuSc 11 (the study of poisons) and Yoga Restoration (nap time) are just a few of the many courses Cal has to offer. Cal also has a program called Democracy at Cal (Decal’s) where students are able to create and teach subjects as diverse as the history of Star Wars or how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. It is because of these types of courses that I now feel more confident and at home here. The great thing about Cal is there are tons of extracurriculars where students can get lost together. Juggling work and school, I decided to sign up for twenty clubs and found myself going to some meetings, forgetting about other meetings, and pinpointing which clubs and which people really mattered to me. With the support of the Cal Alumni Association, I was a recipient of The Achievement Award Program which led me to becoming the Freshmen Class Chair under the Leadership Committee. I ran meetings and organized academic and social events. Additionally, I ended up joining an international co-ed service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega which intertwines service to the chapter, campus, community and country. During the pledging process, I was a part of the Fellowship Committee where my committee members and I organized and hosted the overnight retreat for 120 members along with the 40 pledges. Unlike other chapters, instead of having one “Big” we have a family system and I am proud to have two co-siblings who I not only adore but who also are willing to help me no matter what. Going into my sophomore year, I intend to continue to work as the Marketing Coordinator for State Farm Insurance (a job which I took to help my family financially after my father's stroke left him unable to work). Additionally, I will be the Big/Little coordinator for the Leadership Committee where incoming students are able to shadow other scholars who are interested in the same field of study. I intend to be a “Big” for Alpha Phi Omega to make sure that the pledge process runs as smoothly as possible. I can now say that when I hear the marching band play on the steps of Sproul Plaza, there is no sound sweeter for a Golden Bear. If there any students who are interested in Cal or need any guidance during their college process I am more than happy to help. Best regards, Rebecca Phuong, Marketing Coordinator University of California, Berkeley Public Health, class of 2015 Phone: (510) 672-4693 E-mail:

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