Monday, April 4, 2011

From a Santa Clara Bronco

Hello Mr. Ramsey and Ms.Kronenberg ,

The quarter just ended and so far I got an A in my Finite Math class and I'm still waiting for grades on my other 3 classes. Winter quarter I was taking Psychology 1 and 2 which are basics for the Psychology major. I was also taking the first of 3 required religion classes, which I'm certain I received an A in. What can I tell you? As I have said before, Santa Clara U. has been great. The key is to stay focused in classes. Sure there will be distractions, but our goal is to manage academics and the many distractions that we have on campus.

In regards to classes and the registration process each quarter I can say it's not the most fun or easy part of college. Up until this point I have always had trouble getting all the classes I want. Somehow one class always interferes with other classes I want and need to take. For example, as I was registering for Spring quarter classes, I wanted to get my second religion class out of the way and get it done, but my required Psyc 40 class didn't allow me to do so. The times interfered. Also, some classes get filled up quickly. The registration period goes according to class and also GPA. So we have to keep those grades up if we want to register early. Really quickly, there's also the program LEAD which allows students to register before anyone else in their class (sometimes even before other classes). Next quarter I will be taking Psyc 40, Ethnic Studies 125- Latinos and Latinas in the U.S. (similar to Chicano Studies), Math 8- Intro to Statistics, and Psyc 115- Abnormal Psyc (this is an upper division class). I decided to take the upper division Psyc class because I couldn't register for any other Core Requirement classes. The Ethnics class is taught by a great person who gave life to the Ethnics program at SCU. Professor Chacon is well known all over Santa Clara University and you must take a class with him if you want the FULL experience as a Latino at Santa Clara U. I want to have that full experience. Plus, he's engages students in class and the topics that he covers are very interesting, so I've heard.

Student life can get complicated if you want it to be. For the past 2 weeks I had to deal with my new roommate's boyfriend staying over. I didn't really spend time in my room for that reason, and also because I was busy with my academics. On the other hand, I know that because of her boyfriend, my current roommate Celene had to ask for a room change because her old roommate was not comfortable with her partner being there for such a long time. When you're in college, there's no parents to tell you who can spend the night over, but you do have to be considerate with your roommate in the case that you do have one and ask them if they will be okay with someone else sleeping in the room. Remember that you do share a room, and the other person might not feel comfortable. Always set ground rules. It will be helpful. And whenever you don't feel comfortable with a situation, always talk to your roommate about it.

Culture at Santa Clara is relatively diverse. Usually Latinos keep to themselves, and SCU is trying to have more diversity in activities that happen within residence halls or outside as a community. When you get to your campus, the best thing to do is know the different cultures that comprise your class. Meet other students, introduce yourself to them and become acquaintances or friends. Get to know what their cultures are about so that you know how to be respectful to them. This could come in handy in the future if your employer's culture is the same. Networking is essential in college. You have to look over some flaws that might bother you about a person, and think long-term.

Finances are always tough at SCU. Try to get small loans, if you do get them or no loans at all. Immediately apply for on-campus jobs if you need to. Currently I work for Bronco Students Services. Winter quarter I was working only 2 nights per week, 4-5 hours per night at an hourly wage of 10 dollars. I worked as manager of the online delivery service of BSS. My function is to get the online food orders ready to be delivered to students' rooms. It might seem like it's relatively easy, but it's stressful sometimes to have all the responsibility for the night. So far SCU has been great with finances. The financial aid packages I've gotten the past two years have been good. Make sure to apply for financial aid as early as possible! This helps you get a good amount of financial aid. This year I submitted my FAFSA earlier than the past two years. I just need to send in the corrected version with my parents' taxes information. Stay on top of everything!

I hope that this is helpful information to those students who are going to college this year or are interested in Santa Clara University. Everything will be new, but try to go with the flow and stay focused. Don't stress too much. Have fun and enjoy your college experience!

I'm proud to be a BRONCO, and hopefully we have more WCCUSD students attend SCU! It's an amazing university!

Best regards to you Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg,

Ana Garibo
Santa Clara University

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